ElanWave helps governments, global enterprises, organizations and startups in achieving full digitalization of business and work processes by implementing state-of-the-art software development technologies. Our creations are what defines us as a company and serve as the best showcase of knowledge, experience and dedication. By listening to our client's needs and always going further than expected, we aim to exceed their expectations.

Garansys - Woningborg
Android iOS Angular Bootstrap

Woningborg is the management of a building inspection plan. It includes various features for gathering information about new building and the quality of the building. The inspector is able to upload pictures, video’s, quality forms, ratings and automatically generated statistics. The application is both web-based but also available on iOS and Android and has a fully customized user interface.

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Idea Network
CSS HTML Bootstrap Photoshop Figma

From the very beginning, the association “Idejna Mreza” had only social networks as its presentation. When they decided to take the association to a higher level, they turned to us to design and develop their website. They needed a simple presentation website that in a simple way shows who they are, what they do, as well as to present their workshop and clients.

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Bootstrap .NET React

Over the years we have been receiving requests to send out our engineers’ and consultant’ CVs for our project work. Being in the IT outsourcing industry this is very common and having the right template as well as consistency within your CV database can be a real headache. So, we decided to develop our own CV database solution, from which we can easily send links to the CVs required for a particular project.

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My WorkSpace
.NET React Figma Fluent UI

At ElanWave we had a great need for a great task managing product to help us with our work tasks and make us more productive. This is very common in many industries as well as IT, and can cause real headaches, by being more organized companies can increase their efficiency and their profit. So, we decided to develop our own task-manager, which would help with our work process and organization, making it more streamlined and effective.

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Figma Material Design

Applying for a loan begins with the customer stating for their financial needs such as equipment, vehicles or machinery. The applicant may be a company seeking finance for commercial purposes, or an individual who needs finance for personal use. The bank uses a financial calculator to find out details about the customer's financial capabilities and generates an offer for the applicant, which they then reviews and decide whether to continue with the process.

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Figma Material Design

WotzThat is a platform that connects sellers and buyers and is divided into WotzThatDeal and WotzThatStore. WotzThatDeal is an application intended for customers of certain goods who can buy online or determine the radius of the physical stores in which they would shop. There is currently a version of that application, but the client was not satisfied with it`s look and performance and wanted to completely redesign it. WotzThatStore is an application intended for sellers of services and goods.

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Figma Material Design

Truslend is a mobile application that allows users to easily check if they are qualified for smaller loans. After pre-qualification, the user applies for a loan and together with friends can monitor the progress of the process. In addition, there is a separate application for investors, who are given the opportunity to invest in loans that have potential.

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SharePoint .NET Bootstrap J Querry

The Ministry of Justice and Security needed a customer relations management platform which would help them streamline their business and work. As this system has a lot of data stored in it, the platform needed to be extensive and detailed.

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Zorginzicht extranet
.NET Bootstrap J Querry

What was needed is much more than just a portal – it’s a full enterprise solution, containing both state-of-the-art CMS and DMS. Gathering and distribution of information related to the healthcare system are the basis to ensure continuous improvement of the healthcare system. This portal would play a crucial role in that process by allowing healthcare providers to collaborate and share information, which they can use to continuously improve healthcare quality standards.

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Admiraal de Ruyte
Angular SharePoint J Querry Bootstrap

What was needed was much more than just an article distribution system: a finetuned corporate application that allows all internal communication to be handled with extreme safety. What was planned to be a mere news communication tool became a complex, yet functional information collaboration system that can be tuned to suit every need of the client.

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Zorginzicht portal
SQL Bootstrap Angular .NET

By using this portal, hospital employees should be equipped with a database of possible diseases, a list of occurring symptoms and the proposed therapies used for treatments. Ann extra module also needed to be added, where managers can interact as an admin on the platform. This way they can change general settings and keep track of who is able to do what and in which way.

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Ancofer Waldram Steelplates
Angular .NET Azure SQL

The project started as a simple DMS but quickly grew into an integrated intranet solution: the Ancofer Waldram SteelPlates Collaboration Portal. The intranet offers them an easy-to-use collaboration platform with custom features for each of their company departments and clients. We developed a fully customized SharePoint based Web-Application that is also mobile responsive.

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